This is proof that the Directioner love will NEVER die and we are officially in tears

This is not the end, this is not the end

At Maximum Pop! we love to champion fans who go the extra mile to show how much they love their idols. In fact, it’s what we’re all about.

Tour projects, fan books, any kind of project you name it we live for it all!

And of course, don’t even get us started about One Direction. They are our damn religion.

Which is why we just HAD to celebrate Harry Styles‘ birthday this year by doing something extra special. He may be keeping a low profile lately, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t party in the name of his very existence.

So we plotted and schemed to create something uber spesh. We even enlisted a co-conspirator, @1DWhereAbout in order to carry out our evil plans. Together we came up with the ‘Happy Birthday Harry’ fan video project and you can now watch the finished product below.

The project was such a resounding success that we wanted to give you some background as to how it was made and, for that, we went direct to queen directioner Shila Bui, the owner of @1DWhereAbout.

Hi Shila! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m currently a freshman at Chapman University in Orange County, California. Since I was younger, I was always engaged in social media and infatuated with the sense of community between the artists in the music industry and their fans. My family and I never had much since my parents left everything in Vietnam to come to America to give my sister and me the opportunity to build a better life in America.

Being foreign to this country, the internet and social media were my way of exploring and being creative. Social media has changed my life in so many ways that I cannot even express. The platform that I have been given on social media has taught me how to self market myself and my twitter as a brand.

For example, I was given the opportunity to attend the American Music Awards in 2016 as a VIP guest due trending #NiallOnAMAS.

The One Direction fan base and I were able to get Niall Horan to attend the show therefore the American Music Awards wanted me to attend to be a representative of the fan base and to congratulate us on our amazing job.

I would have never in a million years assume that the little girl who used to go on Myspace to check updates on her favourite boybands would be able to attend an award show she thought only celebrities could go to.

Not only has this platform given me the opportunities I never thought I would have, but it has given me the chance to meet and talk to so many people around the world. I have met so many different fans at concerts and events that have become some of my best friends and none of it would have happened if it were not for social media.

WOAH! People think THIS means Cheryl’s already given birth to Liam Payne’s baby

Niall just had his say on Liam Payne becoming a dad and it’s made us SO proud

How long have you been a Directioner?

I have been a Directioner since I was in 8th grade. I remember finding out about their first single “What Makes You Beautiful” and falling completely in love with it. Noted, I was in middle school so my insecurities were at the ultimate high. The song gave me confidence and made me smile every time I would listen to it.

What inspired you to create @1DWhereAbout and when did you start?

One Direction blew up very quickly so each day us fans would get many updates and news about the boys. It was getting to the point where it was overwhelming to keep track/be able to find the newest articles because almost every hour there would be a new article out about One Direction.

I decided to start the account to keep fans informed and updated on everything related to One Direction. Fans would be able to be at school and not worry about missing any updates since they knew that when they got home, they could go on my twitter to see the latest updates for the boys.

What made you want to create this project and how do you think it went?

My project idea was to create a video wishing Harry Styles Happy Birthday! I wanted a project where I could involve fans from all around the world, and that is exactly what I did.

My friend helped me create a timeline video of Harry starting from when he was a baby until his current age, then I combined videos of fans saying why they loved Harry and added it to the end of the project. It turned out to be so amazing! Everyone loved it!

What was your favourite part about this project?

My favourite part of this project was being able to see that the One Direction fan base is still as united and strong as ever despite the boys being on hiatus.

Awww! OMG this was absolutely what you need to hear if the 1D hiatus is getting you down. What did you think of the Harry Styles fan project? Do you have a project idea? If so head to this page for instructions on how your idea could be featured on the Maximum Pop! Fan Projects website.

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