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This is EXACTLY what your profile picture says about you

WELL, we weren’t expecting this…

We’re not going to shy away from it – getting the perfect profile photo is serious business. So serious in fact, we’ll often be found snapping 46372819 selfies* just to get the ‘right’ Instagram shot.

*You can’t really blame us when we’re trying to look as fierce as Little Mix on a daily basis…and failing. Miserably. 

But have you ever thought about what your profile picture *actually* says about you?

Recently, the smart bunch at University of Pennsylvania have been looking into the selfie-phenomena. In a upcoming study, the school has revealed that it’s possible to predict someone’s personality traits based on their selfies.

Girl say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

For the UoP study, ‘character assessment software’ was used to unpick over 66,000 Twitter users profile pics. Alongside the software, another 434 users had to fill in psychological surveys. This helped the team decide on key traits and characteristics that people had.

So, what were the results? Well, brace yourself, guys. You’ll be shook.

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Apparently, if you have a colourful profile photo that isn’t great quality (i.e. a grainy shot in the park or in a club), you’re overly extroverted.

On the flip side, if you’ve got a colourful pic that’s high quality, you’re more of an ‘agreeable’ person.

On top of ALL of that, if you have a profile pic that doesn’t include your face and just features an image like a car or family pet, you’re assumed to be more neurotic, while those who pose with an object are more open to experiences.

Ugh all of this is hurting our heads, tbh.

Finally, if (like us) you’re one of these who takes a selfie that’s all about the best lighting and Instagram filter, you’re generally supposed to be more of a conscientious person.


What do you make of this research? Have the University of Pennsylvania nailed your personality traits? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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