This brand new initiative will help keep girls safe, but it’s just not enough

We need MORE

In a world where where your parents make you carry personal alarms and we walk down streets with our keys between their knuckles, avoid going out at night and cross the road to avoid a man, the angel shot is sadly necessary.

Bars have just started to implement something that could be a literal life saver – the angel shot.

Isn’t it genius?

The angel shot, or asking for an Angela, lets the bartender know that something’s not right. They can help you leave the bar safely, call you a ride home or even get the police involved if necessary. And people are LOVING IT.

Anything that provides a safe space in an environment where it could get uncomfortable or even dangerous pretty quickly, we’re all for the angel shot.

But we can’t help but agree with this:

Of course we need to protect ourselves, but should we not also be focusing attention on educating, condemning and punishing these things when they do happen?

Rape culture needs to be dismantled and viewed as the horrible, dangerous thing that it is. Is putting in security measures a message that treating women in a way that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable acceptable because they have a way out? That’s not a good message at all.

What do you think? Is the angel shot a look in the right direction or isn’t it enough? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Written by Sophie Waters

Sophie is the Head of Commercial at Maximum Pop! Having studied English Lit and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, she came to MP! to satisfy her passion for books. Sophie is a diehard Hufflepuff and feminist. She's also a huge cat lover, and can often be found rocking her socks off at a gig.

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