10 things only seriously dedicated Harry Styles fans will understand

“Defending Harry like your life depends on it”

Harry Styles is a God. Are we right or are we right? We know how many of MP!’s readers worship at the shrine of Styles. So much so that we thought we it was about time put together a lol-worthy list of things that only seriously dedicated Stylers will understand.

Forget about 100%, this list is exclusively for the fangirls who give 456372%. Are you the fountain of wisdom when it comes to Harold? Do you tell your mum, sister and pet dog all the latest and greatest Styles news? Then this is for you.

1. Having every single Harry meme on your camera roll

You probably have 64738 saved on your camera roll for all kinds of situations. It doesn’t matter whether your friend is down in the dumps because of a break-up or buzzing for their upcoming birthday, you know exactly what Harry meme to send.

2. Researching where Harry gets his clothes from

That suit? No, it’s not a Weatherspoons carpet. It’s not an Ikea bedspread, either. Die-hard devotees know exactly where Harry gets his clothes from. You follow MP!’s Fashion Fix and could spot his Gucci suits a mile off. Good work, detectives.

3. Spending 4673829 hours trying to get tickets to his tour

We all know that trying to get tickets to Harry’s tour was emotional turmoil. But you were prepared. You probably drew up a battle strategy in your Maths book months in advance.

4. Taking all of MP!’s epic Harry Styles quizzes

True Stylers have definitely taken all 150 of our One Direction quizzes. You guys have scored 100% in our ‘Harry Styles: Behind The Album’ trivia quiz and can correctly finish all Harold’s ‘Dunkirk’ lines. You cinnamon rolls are so precious.

5. Defending Harry like your life depends on it

Sometimes Harry’s fans think they’re in Game Of Thrones. You guys defend Harry like your life depends on it. If someone slams him or a tabloid paper twists something he says then it’s gets a more fiery than the battle of Westeros. Dracarys!

6. Arguing with your friends over Harry’s latest hairstyles

Rather than focus on coursework, you and your pals are probs arguing over which Harry haircut suits him best. It’s okay. Don’t be ashamed. That’s pretty much all MP! does, really.

7. Teaching your Nan super important Harry facts

Harry Styles is a way of life and it’s your duty to keep your Nanna in the loop. She’s knows his birthday and is eager to beat him at Scrabble.

8. Telling your Dad that your gonna marry Harry

It’s also your duty to tell your Dad to suit up. There’s a wedding on the horizon.

9. Researching exactly how much of your personality has been corrupted by Harry

We’ve predicted that about 87% of our brain has been corrupted by Harry Styles. What about you?

10. Following 563782 Harry fan accounts

Fan accounts are the best. There’s heaps of them and dedicated Harry devotees probably follow about 463782 of them. You can also check out MP!’s fan projects for all the latest Harry projects.

What other things do die-hard Harry Styles fans do? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list.

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Written by Emma Matthews

Emma is a freelance journalist at MP.

When she’s not writing articles for Maximum Pop!, you’ll find her attending gigs, geeking out over the latest beauty products and reading feminist literature. Hermione is her favourite Harry Potter character - obviously.

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