10 things only seriously dedicated fangirls will understand

You have 564738 Harry Styles memes stored on your phone

Fangirls are the best, aren’t they? We’re so sick of them getting shamed. There’s nothing wrong with freaking out over your favourite popstars and we’ll defend them till the very end.

One of the best things about being a fangirl is the amount of new friends you meet. The chances are you guys have met 6438 of your closest pals by bonding over One Direction or Little Mix. Are we right?!

We knew it! Sharing seriously hardcore fangirl moments like camping out for a Harry Styles gig or hosting a listening party for Louis Tomlinson’s new track comes with it’s perks. So does learning every single word of your fave’s brand new song. Just think of all the epic dance parties you can have.

You’ll also understand these 10 things if you’re the fangirl of all fangirls.

1. You know exactly where to buy that one shade of lipstick Perrie is wearing in a selfie

You also know where to find Harry’s ring, Liam’s footie boots and THAT jacket Camilla wore for a music video one time.

2. You flood your Whatsapp group with Harry Styles memes

You also have about 564738 stored on your phone for all kinds of occasions.

3. You buy your faves merch in every single colour

Your faves have left you broke af but that’s okay. You don’t regret a single second.

4. You have a popstar fan account on Twitter

If you don’t run your own popstar fan account on Twitter then you def follow about 4378 others.

5. You aren’t afraid to declare your love loudly and proudly


6. You spend approx 463728 hours a day trying to get noticed by your fave

You may wanna swat up on our tips for this – they’re actually super useful.

7. You teach your Nan all the weirdest One Direction facts

Your Nan knows everything from Niall’s birthday to Harry’s secret phobia. In fact, she’d probably ace our One Direction: Facts or Fiction quiz. What a legend.

8. You’ve written fanfic about a popstar

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with fanfiction. Over 44% of Gen Z write it, okay?!

9. You stay up all night waiting for your fave to drop a song

We’ve all been through the various stages of emotional turmoil when Harry Styles releases a song. The excitement? The laughter? The crying? Only the most hardcore fangirls can survive.

10. You spend more time studying boybands than you do swatting up for tests

In fact your school should probably create a GCSE in boybands because you’d get an A* without even trying.

What’s the most dedicated thing you’ve done for your favourite popstar? Tell us your fangirl story in the comments below. 

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Written by Emma Matthews

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