Making the Star: How @TheVampsUpdates got 18,000 Twitter followers and followed by all of The Vamps

From bossy managers, incredible video directors and powerful record labels to the influential fans like @TheVampsUpdates, Making The Star is Maximum Pop!’s brand new series of articles featuring the people off-stage and out of the limelight that help make your favourite band and artists a massive success. @TheVampsUpdates keeps 18,000 fans of The Vamps in the know. Here’s how they do it.

Name: There’s 15 of us! From England, Ireland, Scotland and Canada, we run the account together
Followers:  18,000

When did you set up @TheVampsUpdates? How did it start?
We all became friends through because we had the same taste in music and we used to tinychat all the time. The night The Vamps uploaded their ‘Vegas Girl’ cover we all watched it and instantly loved them, a few days later we then created the account!

What type of updates do you post?
We post tour dates, pictures and answer questions both through twitter and! We try not to be really serious and joke around a bit.

You have lots of followers – how did you promote the account?
Our account just grew as The Vamps did. We pride ourselves on being friendly but the band also retweets us sometimes which promotes our account.

Do you know any tips for getting followed by the boys?
If people asks us how to get The Vamps to follow them we always say they same thing: tweet unique things, and that’s really how to get noticed. Just don’t go around copying others’ tweets!

Do you have official links to any of the boys or management?
We are quite friendly with both the band and their team, purely because we’ve been here since the start.

Do any of the boys follow you?
Yes, they all follow us.

Has the account given you any cool or unique opportunities?
We’ve been lucky enough to have some great opportunities thanks to the account most of us have met the band, some of us have interviewed them for our YouTube and some of us have even been featured in You Magazine. We’ve travelled the country together and met so many great people in the UK and abroad!

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