These 19 Snapchat fails are seriously making us wonder whether the app is haunted


Our total love affair with with Snapchat is def not a secret. We’re obsessed with it all. The filters, the faceswaps and the FAILS. Oh, the fails. They are giving us lyfe.

Because they make us laugh until we pee a little bit, we’ve collected some of The Best Snapchat fails for your joy/amusement/terror.

Are you ready? You’re so not.

1. OMG. We’re dying. We’re actually dying. Send help. 

We just can’t 😂

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2. Ah, puking rainbows… Out of your lip?!

3. Now this is something outta Doctor Who. It’s totally giving us Ood vibes. 

4. Seen it yet? Look again. Yup, there ya go.

Is it a demon? Is it Voldemort? Or is it a vamp from Buffy…


6. Holy crap, this is brilliant!

7. Jfc, do we scream or laugh?!

8. Baby Robot!

9. Now this is something straight outta Hell.

10. BRB, dying.

Ummmm that’s a grape not a face 😂😂😂😂😂#SnapchatFail #Grape #SnapchatIsThrBest

A photo posted by Amanda Gasser (@amanda101485) on

11. This is something straight out of a Japanese horror movie…

12. We’re not sure if we’re disgusted or highly amused.

13. Oh, dear God…

14. When beautifying turns horrifying.

15. This looks like what happens when you fall into a black hole.

16. Can’t. Breathe.

17. It’s like Sloth from ‘The Goonies’ had a fight with The Hulk 😂

18. How is the cat still weirdly cute?!


PLEASE send us your Snapchat fails to @maximumpop

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. If you can still breathe, that is. 

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