These 11 animals are the secret heroes of WWII and we want them all


Our furry friends had some very important roles in the second world war. Not least because they showed their soldier counterparts unwavering loyalty and love in times of great need.

In Michael Grant’s ‘Silver Stars’ the itty bitty kitty picked up by one of the troops is now fully grown. But even though she only cameos being stuffed into a certain characters’ jacket, it’s memorable. She offers something no one else could: positive vibes. And in wartime? That’s priceless.

Some of these animals really are the secret heroes of WWII. Look:

1. Sgt Joe Kodachrome – awarded the ‘oder of spam’ for serving alongside his humans on operations for a whole year.

Complete with little G.I. jacket and dog tags. Lel. Good boy!

2. This little muffin – being carried along a hike on operations near Burma Road by his human.

3. Knobby – This spunky fella legit went across the water on a flotilla on D-Day.

Actual fracking D-Day. We salute you, Knobby.

4. This is Pal and Private Drugan

In May 1945 Pal saved an entire Marine platoon from ambush after finding a Japanese machine gun nest in Okinawa. Who’s a good boy?

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5. Unsinkable Sam – Seriously!

This kitty was originally “Oskar” and was the ship cat aboard a German boat. But when that was sunk, this lucky meower was rescued from a watery peril. He then become “Sam”.

When Sam’s new ship went down he was fished out of the sea once again. Hence the unsinkable bit! Cats don’t have 9 lives for nothing!

6. Pyro – that cat that could fly!

Pyro loved to fly, nestled inside the jacket of the pilot. He even survived crash landing into the Scottish sea, saving his human’s fingers from frostbite by curling up on his hands.

7. This mutt has got your back while you bathe:

No one is stealing HIS owner’s boots. Nope.

8. Smoky:

This little guy lived with his fellow soldier humans on the front lines during WWII. #Brave

9. Simon the ship’s saviour

This feline built morale back up during the worst of times. Aboard the AMS Amethyst while it was stranded, under fire, and seemingly without hope of rescue or rebuild, the crew were bolstered by Simon’s attentiveness to them. He was awarded the Dickin medal for his service.

10. Col. Sabodus

This confused looking donkey was the mascot of an armoured unit in Italy, picked up while in Algeria.

11. Snafu!

If you’ve read ‘Silver Stars’ you’ll have heard this term. “Situation Normal: All Fugged Up”. Snafu was a US Naval mascot… And TOO CUTE!

It’s not fair that innocent civilians get caught up in war, let alone animals. But it’s at least something that many were offered a kind of safe haven amongst military outfits and were treated well.

Which little critter touches your heart the most? Tell us in the comments!


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