There is new evidence that proves reading Harry Potter makes you a better human being

Lumos maxima!

We know, as hardcore potterheads, that the strong sense of community we experience, and the general wonderful goodness we feel from our fandom, makes us better people. Nay, we’re better muggles. 

But now we can back it up.

A recently published paper has revealed that people who read the Harry Potter books and empathise with him as a character are less prejudice and more generally accepting of people from all walks of life.

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So here’s to being open-minded and making a change in the world. We’ve already seen it’s influence at the Women’s March (see the Potterific pictures right here) and how many times have you relied on a precious HP quote to get you through all the crap life throws at you?

Why do we fall so hard for these books, and what is it exactly that makes us be better peebles after reading them? It’s more than just simply Harry, but he is a shining example of how you don’t have to be that great at things to make a difference.

He’s not the best wizard to ever walk Hogwarts’ halls, but he was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his friends and the whole wizarding world.

And heck no was JK Rowling intending us all to do the same after devouring her books. But what we can take away is that kindness, acceptance and love goes a long long way in making the world a happier place.

We will not stand for ignorance. Umbridge is a prime example of that. So combover orange gimbles of the world should beware. We might be better people, but don’t cross us, yeah?

What do you think? Has reading Harry Potter made you a better person, and if so, which character would you say thanks to?

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