The world reacts to Trump’s inauguration speech

The new POTUS has landed

It’s cold and it’s raining. Is this an omen? They call it a blessing, but we call it a sign of something much darker. We can’t deny that it’s not happening though. Not the weather. The weather happens regardless of what kind of gimble is being sworn into the White House.

He’s there. He’s made it. But what in the heck did he have to say for himself? *spoiler alert* it’s a dystopian novel come to life. Patriotic, yes. Terrifying? Uhh…

Obama must have been biting his cheek. Trump’s first words were a nice nod to his predecessor. But after that? He essentially poo-pooed the previous politicians in office because, people, it’s the Trump show now and “from this day forward a new vision will govern our lands.” Like Big Brother? Or..?

It wasn’t anything we weren’t expecting tbf. But when we hear phrases like “bring back our jobs” it sounds familiar. No, no. Not from Orwell…

It’s officially “America first” and that “we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries”.

And when he says “we must speak our minds openly” we believe he’ll do good on that if his Twitter is anything to go by.

Here’s what young Americans want from Trump’s presidency

Can you believe no-one has ever noticed that Katy Perry and Donald Trump are twins?

Admittedly, his overall message of togetherness is something we can get behind. But it feels like it’s got the wrong aims. The wrong path. The wrong person to be saying it.

But what about the millions who have stood up against everything he has campaigned for? They’re essentially made mute. So we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we, just what kind of ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ cracked SF world he’s actually creating.

But heck, some of y’all made it into the game that it really is:

Did you watch or listen to his speech? What did you think? 

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