Nathan dishes the dirt on The Wanted’s US album and a tour bus “number two”

The Wanted’s mission to break the US continues with the revelation from Nathan (in an interview with Pop Crush) that the band are working on brand new songs for their upcoming debut album with super producer Ryan Tedder – who he describes as a “talented guy” and admits it was “an absolute honor to work with him”. You might recognise him as the brains behind epic pop behemoths like Leona’s ‘Bleeding Love’, Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’ and the frontman of ‘Apologize’ performers OneRepublic. With some of the ballads on Battleground already sounding bombastic enough to blow the roof off of your nan’s bungalow, we’re expecting these new tracks to be so massive that anyone who hears them will automatically start to cry with joy.

In less-serious news, it turns out that the boys also have a strict rule on the road that nobody can do a “number two” in the tour bus toilet. No prizes for guessing which band member got a bit too desperate and broke that oath. “None of us knew it, so he just went and did it. Then, he woke us all up and graced everyone in the bus with it.” Such lovely boys…

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