The Wanted weigh in on 1D This Is Us. POP BITS

POP BITS. Whilst having a chat with The Wanted, MP! report, Jon Hornbuckle brought up the touchy subject of One Direction’s new flick This Is Us (read the review here).

We asked the ‘We Own The Night’ singers how they think 1D’s film will compare to their E! reality show. Jay said “I don’t think you can compare movies to TV shows. Our TV show will be the best TV show ever but the One Direction movie will be the best movie”. Does this mean the feud is finally over (despite what Mr. Tomlinson said)? We don’t think so. Jay also added “We don’t hang out or anything but I think some of them are quite friendly”.

It’s nice to see that The Wanted lads didn’t resort to any name calling, but we wonder will they actually go see 1D’s film. We’d love to see a The Wanted review of the flick. POP BITS OUT.

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