The Wanted and One Direction fued might never end. POP BITS

POP BITS. After Nathan Sykes suggested that the 1D/Wanted feud was behind them, our thoughts turned to the possibility of Walk This Way style collaboration between the two (see: Sugababes and Girls Aloud, 2007). But Louis Tomlinson spoke to Fabulous about the feud and it seems there is no chance of a collaboration.

The new Doncaster Rovers’ player told the mag that “It’s a shame that the Wanted thing escalated” but that “It’s gone too far” for the feud to finish. And for those of us, who were hoping to see some Max George and Harry Styles tonguing action, Louis also quashed those dreams, when he said “There’s going to be no kissing and making up, that’s for sure”- major sadface.

We were hoping that we could stop feeling guilty about listening to both bands but it seems our musical two-timing will continue for a little bit longer. POP BITS OUT.


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