Nathan from The Wanted talks about a One Direction collab. POP BITS.

POP BITS. If someone had said to us at a few months back that The Wanted and One Direction’s feud would be a thing of the past, we would have laughed in  their face but it seems that that day is fast approaching.

Nathan Sykes from The Wanted has been hinting that the ‘Glad You Came’ band would love to work with the 1D boys on a new song in the future *cue thousand of screaming ecstatic girls around the globe*. Speaking to MTV News US, Sykes was quoted saying “You never know, there’s been some great collaborations in the past, you never know!”- We would quite like to know though, Nate!

Sykes even suggested that he believed the collaboration would generate lots of cash and The Wanted would be more than willing to do it for charity and put their very public differences aside in the process.

The 20-year-old boyband member even finished by saying “As far as I’m concerned, whatever kind of words were said since I wasn’t really part of it, think it kind of went away now, which is awesome.” IS THAT AN OLIVE BRANCH WE SEE?! POP BITS OUT.

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