7 funniest bits from The Wanted TOTP magazine

1Nathan’s always been known to be a bit body shy – but did you know that he doesn’t even have a favourite body part? “My body is just a place where my personality lives!” All together now… Awww! Anyway, MP! have a theory that’s he lying and he’s just too embarrassed to reveal what it actually is.

2The boys are obviously talented, but did you know The Wanted are pretty rubbish at some stuff? During their day at Radio One, Tom ended coming in 46th place in a Fastest Time Wins challenge and Jay was crowned the slowest driver after going go-karting with some lucky fans. Well, nobody’s perfect, eh?

3Max is quick to reveal that with great fame comes with unexpected challenges. In particular, people are no obsessed with pinching his bum – even in front of his mum! “I always just turn around and say “You don’t wanna touch that. I’d wash your hands when you get home”” Hmm. We probably still would.

The boys clearly have very different ideas where The Wanted will be in 5 years time. Max wants a kid, Tom thinks they’ll be worldwide famous musicians – and someone needs to have a serious sit down with Siva because he’s planning to be retired!

5Tom: “I remember one time, Aston [JLS] got his abs out in a club and I was like “I’m not going to show you mine cos I’ll embarrass you!”” ERM can anybody says ABS WAR? We would totally support that. In fact we might try and make that happen.

6The Wanted’s house sounds like one of the grossest places ever – and it’s mostly down to Tom’s outrageous eating habits! One morning Siva stood on a plate in his bare feet that was covered in a mixture of mayonnaise and pizza that Tom had left out the night before, and Nathan swears that Tom was so lazy once that he couldn’t be bothered cleaning a plate and ate his curry from a shoe box. We really don’t want to know how that tasted.

7And finally, Jay has a brilliant life motto. Let’s all bask in his pearl of wisdom: “Don’t live by a motto, because they can become [too] sentimental and long winded and full of drivel.” Spoken like a true philosopher Jay…

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