The Wanted in trouble with the police for pooing. POP BITS.

POOP POP BITS. The Wanted really are the bad boys of the pop world, aren’t they? And that’s why we love them! But what did they do? Get involved in a scuffle with 1D? No. Shove a photographer? No. Crash a car? No. Poo in a plastic bag? Yes.

Tom Parker was on the tour bus in Colorado and felt that unignorable rumble in his bowels and really needed to… go. The bus driver told the band they could only use the toilet during stops so Tom grabbed the nearest thing to hand. Luckily it wasn’t Max’s head, but a plastic bag. Tom let it all out into the bag and tossed it out the window. Charming!

Littering is no joke, MP Readers. The bag of poo has cost Tom a $500 fine. Now that’s a pricey poo. If you can take anything from this story, please remember, don’t poo in a plastic bag and chuck it out the window of a moving tour bus. POP BITS OUT.

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Written by Maximum Pop!

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