The Wanted’s Siva Admits They’ve Gone Too Far. POP BITS

POP BITS. In today’s pop climate, we don’t blink an eyelid anymore when it comes to The Wanted slamming fellow stars such as One Direction and Britney Spears but what’s catching our attention today is that the band have admitted they’ve gone too far with some of their past comments.

Band member Siva Kaneswaran has stated that they were always honest with their opinions but that some of the group’s comments have been “too extreme” lately. Siva, however, then explains that the band are only here for the music, and not really for a slanging match.

“Some things in the past have been a bit too extreme, but as long as people take us – and excuse all the naughty things we say – and focus on our music, I couldn’t care.” Siva told the latest issue of Glamour Magazine. And they’ve been very naughty indeed, they even once called Christina Aguilera “a right b***h”!

The lovely cheekboned lad then goes on to say that being as “naughty” as they are is only good for their role model image: “The fans should know who their idols really are – the positives and the negatives. To be glossy – to be fake – I don’t think it’s good for the fans, because they buy into the person. They should buy into the truth, a role model you can trust. I think at heart we’re good people.”

Hmmm, we’re not sure if being as “honest” as you are is making you the best role models, Siva. But it doesn’t mater, we still love you anyway! POP BITS OUT.

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