The Wanted have announced a break – here’s five of their best tunes to get you through this difficult time… *sniff*

We’ve loved them since Jay had a full head of hair, Siva got his nipples out and Nathan looked underage* but our favourite manband The Wanted have announced a break, which doesn’t sound good for the boys.  *still does

Moving past the buckets of Häagen-Dazs and boxes of tissues, we turned our brains to their best songs – singles or not – and managed to narrow it down to a top five from Max, Jay, Siva, Tom and Nathan. Say a fond farewell with us, and share your favourite songs in the comments.


Their debut single and one of the best ways to kick off being a proper boyband – soaring straight to No. 1 without any talent-show boosts or celebrity scandals. Turns out that with the right song (an anthemic pop tune and a half) and five ridiculously hot guys singing it, anything is possible.


The song that really launched the lads into the pop stratosphere, EDM-pop hit ‘Glad You Came’ became both a bit of a fantastic No. 1 and the soundtrack for every night out. Seriously, every BBC Three documentary about late-night partying is soundtracked by this song. Good thing it’s a banger.


One of the best album tracks on second album ‘Warzone’, ‘I’ll Be Your Strength’ is probably the strongest ballad from the boys. It’s catchy, midtempo and pulls at your heartstrings. Awww. Plus it has pop geniuses Xenomania on production duties, so it’s already 97.6% more likely to be amazing than any other non-Xeno song. True fact.


Their latest (and last?) attempt at creating a classic floorfiller party anthem, this one is like the more chilled out but still party-loving brother to ‘Glad You Came’. It’s full of loveable cheesy lyrics, a hell of a chorus and a cool folk-themed melody. This is the one you’ll hear in your head while getting drunk at home, rather than in Malia.


Easily the poppiest and most-brilliantly daft thing they’ve ever done, ‘Walks Like Rihanna’ is a 90s-meets-now slice of pop music that has a great beat, and reintroduced The Wanted after a tumultuous musical period with something light and fun. Plus any song that name checks our favourite Bajan superstar (sorry Shontelle) is alright by us.

So, we’ve gone and listed five of our favourite The Wanted hits, but since we’re fair and love your opinions, how about you tell us in the comments below what you think their best tunes are?

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