Mental fans, wide toes and 3 Other Things we learned from the latest The Wanted interview…

Globe-conquering accordion enthusiasts The Wanted are well known for giving good interview. Whether it’s dishing the dirt about Christina Aguilera (they’re not fans) or revelling in their hard-partying lifestyle, they always provide a welcome antidote to the usual carefully polite and discreet pop star interviews. Here’s what we learned from their recent chat with Fabulous Magazine.

1Justin Bieber once punched Siva in the balls

The Wanted Boys share a manager with the Canadian superstar, and it seems he’s a fan of painful practical jokes. According to Siva, the ‘Boyfriend’ singer also shot him in the arm with an airgun once. Whatever happened to a nice, painless Whoopie Cushion? Kids today…

2It’s tough being the baby of the band

At the tender age of 19, Nathan is legally too young to drink in America, and apparently he’s on some kind of alcoholic hit list across the nation. A hotel he stayed in recently took all of the alcohol out of the mini-bar in his room and replaced it with Capri Sun. Rock n Roll!

3Tom won’t be getting a vajazzle from Amy Childs anytime soon

When asked to name the most annoying celebrity he could think of, he nominated the entire TOWIE cast, describing the show as “mind numbing”. Jay also chose a reality star as his most pointless celebrity, opting for former Big Brother contestant Kinga, a woman best remembered for doing something very unhygienic with a wine bottle during her time on the show.

They have some strange fans

According to Jay, the weirdest fan mail he ever got was a girl who offered to be his spirit guide and save his soul from the temptations of celebrity life. He didn’t write back…

5Tom has very wide toes

Apparently Max would quite like to walk on them “to see if it’s like being a duck”. So there you are.

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