What if the Vamps were actually vampires?

The reason behind their band name is still a mystery, and fans continue to question on forums and fan sites why on earth the boys chose that name.

Well, even though we can’t be sure of what the creative genius is behind it, here at MP! we like to believe that our boys couldn’t possibly be part of a legion of the undead – could they?

And what if they were? Here’s a few things that kept us up last night.

5. They would sure have a lot of explaining to do for all those day-time appearances.

It’s commonly known that vampires can’t stand sunlight – they turn to dust/burn/fall down dead. So, if the boys really were vampires – what are they doing rocking out on a beach with Demi Lovato?

But then again, there may be ways around this sunlight-aversion (check out the Vampire Diaries and their magic rings). We’re still suspect.

4. It puts a whole new spin onto a lot of their songs. 

Let’s just have a look at their first single:

“I talk a lot of sh- when I’m drinking” – Oh is that so? Whatcha been drinking Bradley? Human blood, hm? No? A likely story.

“Don’t mind my all friends, I know they’re all crazy, but they’re the only friends that I have” – How come, Bradley? Is it because they’re vampires too and they’re the only ones that truly understand you’re immortal, blood thirsty plight?

“I’ve been a bad, bad boy, whispering rude things in her ear” – We know all about your murderous, blood drinking ways, Bradley, and that makes you much worse than just a “bad, bad boy”. Also, stay away from her ears – you’re much too close to her neck.

3. How old are they – really?

So, on all their fan pages, The Vamps claim to have pretty convincing ages for how they look. James is (supposedly) 19, Tristan (apparently) 18, Bradley 17 (sure thing) and Connor is 17 as well (as if).

The real question is…how long have they been that old?

2. It would explain why all four of them are both extraordinarily talented and attractive.

Connor Ball, bassist
Bradley Simpson, lead vocals
Tristan Evans, drummer
James McVey, guitarist

Don’t try to tell us that nothing unnatural is afoot here.

1. Does this mean The Vamps can make music for the rest of eternity?

Vampire immortality may have its perks when it comes to the boys’ fans. If they manage to stay together, we may never see a day void of The Vamps music. There would be no heartbreak over the fact you never got to see them live, or that you only have a finite number of their albums to listen to on repeat.

Minus the blood sucking and all that, may this would be a pretty sweet deal.

We’re still onto you, boys.

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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