Bag your ultimate Vamps bae by stealing his style

Okay, so we’ve exhausted all the possible avenues of how to bag our fave Vamps lad and selling our organs in order to gather enough pennies to follow them around until they agree to marry us seems a little unrealistic. Not to mention creepy…ahem.

So we’ve come up with a master plan that scientifically has to work…sort of.


Stick with us on this one, you’ll be grateful later.

They say that the people we are attracted to resemble ourselves in some way right? The lads are absolute sassy fashionistas, soo why not channel the style of your fave Vamps lad. He’ll see you and think ‘dangg girl got some stylee’ and BOOM you’ve bagged him?! Sound like a plan? Thought so…

Here’s how to channel your inner Brad, Connor, Tristan and James.

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5 Seconds of Summer

Thursday’s pop events: 5 Seconds of Summer on your telly, Neon Jungle gig and The Vamps strutting their stuff again in Manchester.

Bag Brad from The Vamps by stealing his style