Listen to The Vamps’ new single ‘Oh Cecilia’ with… *drum roll* Shawn Mendes!

The incredible The Vamps have announced on Twitter their next single will be ‘Oh Cecilia’ featuring none other than their tour buddy Shawn Mendes.

The Vamps Oh Cecilia Shawn Mendes

The catchy new version of ‘Oh Cecilia’ will be out on 12 October, making this The Vamps’ fifth single.

The original version can be found on their hugely successful debut album Meet The Vamps, which is already conveniently lodged in your iPod, of course.

Just like it was with ‘Somebody to You‘ featuring Demi Lovato, the song sounds mostly the same as the album version except with added guest vocals.

Shawn Mendes has yet to log a Top 40 hit here in the UK, so fingers crossed this collabo will help him score one with The Vamps.

Can we make this The Vamps’ first ever #1 hit, though? Imagine the excitement if it hits the top of the charts.

The Vamps

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