We’ve come up 10 names The Vamps should call their record label. Take note boys…

As you’ll all probably well aware by now, The Vamps have set up their own record label but they still haven’t come up with a name for it yet.

So to stop the luscious lads from sitting around and scratching their heads all day – we’ve come up with ten shamazing suggestions for them. Read below to see what we’ve managed to throw together…

Oh Cecilia (We Opened A Record Label For You)

Taking inspiration from The Vamps’ hit single ‘Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)’, we’ve decided that if Cecilia still didn’t take the hint that these boys were in love with her then maybe they could dedicate their record label to her.


We’ve gone all Jedward on this one and merged two words. One being, obviously ‘records’ as this is a record label we’re naming, but we also thought we could pay homage to Conor’s stunning lil lizard Rex. Rex + Records = Rexords. There.


High Hopes Entertainment

There were a couple of the boys’ songs that seemed to fit really well with the name of a record label and ‘High Hopes’ was definitely one of them. We’re sure you’ll all agree.

Four Boys

We’re not gonna lie, we’ve stolen this one a little bit. Way back when in the days of the Spice Girls, they owned their own company named Five Girls so obviously we’ve just lost a member (not Geri) and made them all boys. Voila!


Wild Heart Records

Another one of the boys’ track that sounded really good as a record label title was their second single ‘Wild Heart’. They could even make the logo from the Wild Heart tees that they sold on tour.

Vampy Voices

Do we really need to explain this one? It’s pretty self explanatory, right?

We also took to a Record Label Name Generator *oooooooh!* to create a name using each of the boys’ initials and birth months (we didn’t like the birth date words) so here we go…

Sexy Stereo Recordings (Connor)

We think this may be our favourite on the list.

Wicked Paper Music (James)


Raw Smoke Recordings (Brad)

This is a pretty cool one, but we don’t want people to think of smoker’s cough when they hear the name.

Slick Crystal Music (Tristan)

We love this one too but doesn’t really feel like it connects with  The Vamps.

So there we have it, 10 suggestions for the name of The Vamps’ record label. We wonder what they’ll go for?

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