The Vamps react to the Fan Book YOU wrote and *spoiler alert* – THEY LOVED IT!

This is a special moment for the fandom

ICYMI we’ve been squirrelling away long and hard for months now to put together a fan book for The Vamps with all your messages and fanart.

Yesterday we finally gave the book to the boys and not only did they record this super cute video thanking all of you for your hard work but Tristan also gave us a ring personally to thank us. A prime example of why we adore The Vamps.

Hey Tristan! We’re so glad you loved the book. Have you had a chance to have a proper read yet?

Yeah it’s amazing. I’d heard about it before because some fans had said they were sorting out a surprise for us. It literally is fans from all across the world which is amazing. We look at it and realise how lucky we are to have such an international fanbase.

Does it make you realise how much you’ve achieved? I guess when you’re so busy you sometimes forget to appreciate how far you’ve come?

Yeah definitely! We had 3/4 weeks off over Christmas and we all went home to our families. We ground each other anyway. We love doing what we do but we also love chilling with our families. It all helps to bring the band back to earth.

Would you say that’s the secret to bands staying together?

I think the secret is to be friends and to appreciate how lucky you are and how amazing your life is.

Do you think it’s difficult for bands who have been put together to stand the test of time?

Yeah I think that if bands have put themselves together and then go on to shows like ‘The X Factor’ or ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ they’re automatically going to be stronger. If you’re manufactured by a label then you’re kind of forced into a group which is much harder.

QUIZ: Which member of The Vamps is your endgame based on your taste in junk food?

QUIZ: Are these 1D or The Vamps lyrics?

We love your single ‘All Night’. It’s been really well received critically, but hasn’t charted as high as some of your other singles. How have you found the response?

Yeah it’s mental. It’s kinda different these days. As long as it’s in the Top 40 we’re happy, but ‘All Night’ is still in the Top 30 of the charts 14/15 weeks later. I think it’s got longevity and momentum. It’s just reached 100 million streams and has gone platinum all across the world, which we’ve never had before. Even though ‘Can We Dance’ went to No.2 it eventually went out the charts a couple of weeks later, ‘All Night’ has stuck around and has been our most successful single.

Fantastic. So would you do another collab with a DJ then?

We always love collaborating with DJs. We start the ideas just by ourselves and then we take it to people who we think could take it to the next level. For ‘All Night’ we had a couple of DJs in mind and Matoma was one of them. It’s funny how DJs used to be quite unknown but now they’re just as massive names as pop artists. We had the song written and we had the production done as well, but we thought we’d give it to Matoma and he smashed it.

And does Brad get put out because most of the songs sung by what sounds like a children’s choir? 

Oh haha it’s Brad pitched up.

OMFG! We’re shook.

When was the last time you stayed up ‘All Night’?

A couple nights ago we partied hard – it was a mad one. We were just celebrating life because ‘All Night’ went platinum in a few countries.

You’re starting to really crack the US as well.

Yeah we’re going to America in a couple of weeks. ‘All Night’ has actually sold the most copies in America so that’s great!

So does that mean the new album will sound a lot like “All Night’ then?

We never limit ourselves to one sound really. We like to branch out. The next single might be a ballad. We’ll see how it goes.

How far are we away from the next single and album?

We’re about a month away from the next single and the album is coming in the summer with the new tour in April.

What’s your favourite fan project ever? 

To be honest the The Vamps Christmas Fan Book is great. I love it when fan projects are so personalised. It’s from the fans and it’s made by the fans. It’s crazy to see that type of support.

Which Starbucks drink most describes your personality?

Frappuccino mocha with whipped cream. I love it!

What is the weirdest online quiz you’ve ever taken? 

The ones that tell the future are quite weird. I took one and ended up being an estate agent.

That’s the plan if the music thing doesn’t quite work out. 

Which member of Fifth Harmony past or present would you most like to feature on one of your singles?

We get on with all the girls. We’re good friends because we went on tour together. I think Lauren because she’s got a really good voice.

Are you one of Lauren’s angels? How many of these 9 social issues do you actively support?

Would you ever do a film of The Vamps life?

Yeah me and James would be brothers and we’d discover the other two somewhere in a different world. Most likely Connor in a cave and Brad in a treehouse. It would be called ‘Tristan in Wonderland’.

Let’s get that made ASAP. Thanks for chatting Tristan. Glad you love the fan book xoxo.

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