The Vamps have been chatting about school and it seems they were quite naughty kids.

We know you must be hating life right now thinking about returning to school after this long hot summer (maybe not hot) but it must help to know that your faves have been through it too. No, we’re not going to bore you with our experiences of school but we’ll be sharing what The Vamps had to say about their time in education.

After James spoke about how he handled bullies last week, Tristan, Brad and Connor have opened up about their time and school – and it seems they were all a bit naughty.

“I was a pest. I was really hyperactive, would talk back to the teacher and speak to my friends when we were supposed to be working. I did a lot of bad things,” Tristan told Top Of The Pops. “I was rude and couldn’t be bothered to do my homework. I got kicked out of class all the time and I even smashed a few windows playing football. I got detention upon detention.”

Connor admitted: “I never had a detention but I was lazy. I did all my homework on the bus on the way to school. It was a long journey though, about 45 minutes, so that’s OK, isn’t it?”

“I wasn’t a naughty child but I did get lots of detentions for being late. I hated getting out of bed in the morning – and I still do,” Bradley added.

We know Brad, we know.

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