Darryl Dishes: The Vamps quit late night kebabs for healthy foods. Bring the kale!

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back with more exclusive goss only on MP!. This time The Vamps  on the eve of their first ever headline tour, discuss eating and tour life.

You can feel it in the air; the smell of testosterone, beers, body odor and bad takeaways. It’s the eve of The Vamps first ever headline tour and the boys are ready to unleash themselves on the UK… so to speak.

I called James and Brad as they rehearse in the opening venue in Sheffield. “We’re just eating. That’s all we ever seem to do; eat together,” admits James, “but I’m trying to be healthy so no late night kebabs. We don’t have any beer so we don’t drink much. I don’t really go out much anyway”Lame.

“The first thing I do when I come off stage is eat, because I’m starving, then I’ll have a cup of tea or something” added Brad, “we’re all usually pretty knackered. I don’t get people who can come off stage and get on it.”

Super lame. Surely there’s somebody on the tour that can drag them out on the town?

“We’ve got Luke Friend and Nina Nesbitt with us. He’s a good pal of ours and I met Nina on a plane weirdly. We were like ‘yeah, you should come on tour’ so that’s cool”

Its on Luke and Nina to bring the party then. So what of the show?

“We’ve definitely got some unexpected covers planned,” says James, “but I can’t give anything away.” Brad’s excitement level knocks up a notch, “we’ve been working very hard in rehearsals and it’s the first time we get to go out and see all our fans. The amount of on stage injuries is starting to rack up too so we’ve wrapped everything in bubble wrap so its not as dangerous – all sharp edges will be covered.”

No tour is complete without a solid tour bus; it can make or break the whole thing. Thankfully, it’s enough to impress James.

“It’s great, we drove to Sheffield the day before yesterday so we’ve had a good snoop around. We haven’t slept on it yet and that’s always the worrying thing but we’ve got plenty of chicken and fruit”

What more does a boy band need?

The tour starts in Sheffield and we’ll catch up again after few days… and hopefully a few hangovers. Somebody take them some beer, please!

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