The Vamps claim they’re not a boyband in new interview with Fabulous magazine

This weekend, The Vamps graced the cover of Fabulous magazine in a photoshoot set on the roof of a London brewery (the snaps are already stuck on the office wall) and although we shared the behind-the-scenes footage with you, what we didn’t share is the actual interview.



And now we’re going to. In Fabulous Magazine’s chat with the lads, they speak sanitary towels, pubes, El Maliko, T-Swizzle and not being a boyband. Not a boyband? What?

You all write and play instruments. Do you get annoyed when people call you a boy band?

Brad: There’s an element of naivety when someone uses the words boy band to describe us, because it’s very obvious if you see us live that we’re not. We’re a band. We’ve got a drummer, we’ve got a guitarist, a bassist and lead singer – The Vaccines and The Foos have got the same set-up. I’m not comparing ourselves to them, but we are a band.

What’s the weirdest fan mail you’ve received?

James: A used sanitary towel. That was disgusting. It was about six months old and it was f**king horrible. We’ve received pubic hair, too – a girl sent a bag of her pubes.

Who’s the most famous name in your phone?

Tristan: Taylor Swift. She’s the most grounded person I’ve ever met. She cooked us dinner at her place and we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from her musically and how she conducts her personal life. She’s a genius. Danny [O’Donoghue] from The Script is really cool as well, and he’s been giving his opinion on the second album.

Can you understand Zayn Malik’s decision to quit 1D?

Brad: All of them are under the microscope – everything they do is scrutinised. We’ve experienced that on a tiny scale compared to them, and I can see that it might get too much and why Zayn got a bit sick of it all. He’s made enough money to be cushty for a while!

Do you ever worry that one of you will do a Zayn and quit the band?

Connor: We’ve never thought about it – hopefully none of us will quit! I think it’s a good decision for Zayn. If you want to be in that sort of band then you’ve got to be ready for it. Obviously Zayn decided it wasn’t for him any more.

Read The Vamps’ full interview with Fabulous Magazine here.

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