This winter just got a bit magical – The Vamps are releasing a Christmas album

Guys, Christmas is near. Like very, very near – in fact it’s 71 days away. Not that we’re counting or anything.

Anyway, it’s totally acceptable to be excited about Christmas already, and we’ve just found one more reason to be. The Vamps are releasing a Christmas album! Yes you heard us right, the album will include eight Christmas songs, two new originals and the ‘Meet The Vamps’ album.

Oh did we not mention, this can be pre-ordered right now for £9.99 in a bundle, which comes with ‘Meet The Vamps’ live DVD AND a concert pre-sale access code! Phewww life can’t get much better right now can it?!


If you’re down for some of this Vamps Christmas amazingness, then take a look right here. Or you know, pass the link on to Santa as a sneaky little hint.

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