The Vamps answer YOUR Twitter Questions!

We caught up with the hot boy band property known as The Vamps today! We can confirm that they are a lovely bunch of lads, are super talented and well fit.

We asked some of your Twitter questions and this is what they had to say:

1Any plans for a tour?- Monica

Yes. We are hoping to do our own tour later next year but are busy with lots of festivals at the moment.

2What’s the one thing you want to achieve from your music career?- Amy

We just want to play music and hope that we achieve some longevity. It would be great to still be doing this ten years down the line. We also hope that it’s all the same members. We’d hate to have some random guy playing the clarinet.

3Temara Melek said she thought James was the hottest member. Would you ever date her?- Liz

No, she’s too young.

If you could have a haircut of another member of any band, which would you choose?- Kyra

We’d like dreadlocks like the guys from Slipknot… or else to just be bald.

5What’s in your fridge?- Courtney

We’ve got some chicken back in the hotel room. Brad has recently bought a juicer so he’s got loads of fruit to make fruit juices.

There you have it! Did The Vamps answer your Twitter questions? To make sure you don’t miss out on another Pop Star Twitter Q&A, follow our tweets here.

We’ve got some more exclusive The Vamps content coming up, but while you wait, why not watch the video for ‘Can We Dance’?

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