The University of Minnesota’s response to a sexual assault case will give you hope

We wish this verdict would be more common

Although it may seem hard to believe, one in five women and one in sixteen men are sexually assaulted while at university in the United States, according to the National Sexual Violence Research Center. That statistic in-and-of itself is alarming, but what is even scarier is that over 90% of the assaults aren’t even reported. Thankfully, a girl who was sexually assaulted while attending The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities did report her case and justice was served.

A female student reported being sexually assaulted by over ten men, many of which were athletes at the university, in an apartment near campus. The details of the case are heartbreaking and the men involved in her assault committed a heinous crime against her. However, it is all too common that athletes on college campuses accused of assault never actually pay the price. Brock Turner, for example, was a Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious and intoxicated girl. This was his punishment.

 Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to six months confinement in the Santa Clara County jail to be followed by three years of probation.

However, he was let out in three months.

He was expelled from Stanford but still did not receive a harsh enough punishment. The football players from The University of Minnesota, however, did. The university suspended ten football players accused of sexual assault, as well as possibly expelling five of them. The football team then began to boycott, threatening not to play, until they saw the gruesome details of what their fellow players had done.

The coach of the team even went as far as to condemn his players, posting this on Twitter, but was then fired by the University of Minnesota. The school cited that “moving forward, [they] need a leader who sets high expectations athletically, academically, and socially” for their students.

Unfortunately, the outcome of this case is incredibly rare when it comes to sexual violence on college campuses. Many survivors of sexual assault don’t see their rapists face any consequences for their actions which is totally not cool and very unfair. The University of Minnesota made the right decision and, by doing so, had shown other universities around the country that they cannot and should nobe silent when it comes to sexual assault and rape.

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