The ultimate packing list for your summer sun getaway, plus our top packing tips!

With summer right around the corner and the summer holidays coming up, now is definitely the time to start thinking about your packing for your sunny getaway! We’ve put together a list of all the essentials you should definitely be taking with you and we’ll be sharing our top packing tips too.

Clothing essentials


The first things you want to be packing are definitely your clothes. We know how tempting it can be to want to bring your ENTIRE wardrobe with you but we’re afraid that baggage allowances mean you’ll have to limit yourself to only a portion of it. Make sure you have at least a little of everything though – and especially consider whether or not the nights will be cooler than the scorching hot days so you don’t get caught out!

Travelling must-haves


Plane rides can certainly be a bore and after hours and hours on one you might feel just a tiny bit worse for wear, but with the above essentials you can guarantee yourself a fun, relaxing journey!

And don’t forget…


Since the miscellaneous are just as important, think about all the little things whilst packing so you don’t forget something you’ll desperately need once you get on holiday. Things like cameras, phones, chargers and adaptors are particularly important if you want to capture your holiday, but make sure you have a travel book or two and a good knowledge of the area before you get there. These will be priceless!

Our top packing tips

  • If it’s comfortable, wear your heaviest or bulkiest clothing to the airport to save space and weight in your suitcase. You’ll appreciate doing this when you can fit in another book, bikini, or pair of shoes into the spare space.
  • If your airport has shops like Boots or Superdrug you can take advantage of their online ‘order to store’ service and pick up full-size toiletries after you’ve already passed through security! This is definitely the best hack to help you take more than 100ml aboard the plane.
  • Roll, don’t fold! Your clothes will take up far less space when you roll them and are also less likely to wrinkle, so you won’t have to break out the hotel iron as soon as you get there.
  • Using the inside of your shoes to store things like socks, underwear, and swimming costumes will help you save general suitcase space, too.
  • In spite of the physical book vs ebook debate, holidays are one instance where we have to praise the ebook above physical copies. If you’re a fast reader and going away for more than a week, a kindle and infinite library is going to be far more beneficial for you.
  • Not sure if you’ll wear it? Leave it. With such small baggage allowances you can’t afford to be anything but 100% sure about needing what you pack.

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