The Ultimate Boyband Hair-Off Round 2!

Unless you’ve been away learning how to swim (and speak) with dolphins, or you’ve had no internet because your older brother has used it all up playing Destiny on PS4, you’ll know we announced the winner of The Ultimate Boyband Hair-Off on Friday. Just to remind and/or tell you, the winners were…

No, we’re just kidding. Despite the iconicness of Gary Barlow’s bleached blonde hair (and have you SEEN Howard’s dreadlocks?), Old Take That – not to be confused with Modern Take That – didn’t win. It’s probably for the best really. Instead, you voted (and therefore scientifically proved) that Union J were the boyband with the best hair. Let’s have another look (droll) over our champions:

union jx

That is some great hair; as proven by science.

But we can’t just stop there, the scientific community has demanded more – they need to know which member of Union J has the best hair, probably so they can clone him, or at least freeze him like they did with Walt Disney. So, like a flower leaning towards the sun (reference!), we turn to you: you voted in your thousands before and we need you to do it again. We know what we’re asking could be pretty hard, so once again we’ve rounded up some photos that could help you decide.

X Factor 2012 Finalists Union J.We’re not sure what’s up with Josh’s hair here, looks like its made out of LEGO. Maybe we just can’t see the amazingness.


Jaymi is going for the windswept/bog brush (delete as appropriate) look here

Union JBut here he’s not got any hair for the wind to sweep!

Union JDefinitely not made of Lego this time. We think.


JJ doesn’t seem to do much with his hair, but does that make him a dark horse (and not in the Katy Perry sense)?
GEORGE SHELLEY - Sometimes hair can become so big it actually becomes bigger than your face. This has happened to poor George Shelley. But worry not, he still looks very handsome. The burden of his heavy (but immaculate) hair is not carried by George alone. He enlists a team of assistants to help hold his hair up by wires so he doesn’t fall over.George’s face captured the moment we announced this second hair-off. #nervous

The vote is going to run until Sunday evening at 7pm, and the result promises to be even more exciting than your Nan’s roast dinner and X Factor and Strictly put together. A new poll will be up the day after, so if you’ve got any suggestions for things that need to be proven by science, let us know.

EDIT: This poll has now closed. Thanks for voting!

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