The Tide reveal the in-jokes and adventures from The Vamps tour in this week’s MP! column

Their UK tour is complete, and now The Tide are continuing on their travels with their British bros The Vamps around Europe. The lads have been kind enough to take us on the road with them and share all the adventures along the way. Here’s the latest exclusive column from the band, in the words of singer/guitarist Drew…


So we just finished up playing Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam! Must say it has been an incredible tour and one of the best.

When we went to Brussels we were late showing up to Soundcheck because of train delays. When we got there The Vamps crew set up our gear, which was very kind of them! But on the back of my guitar it usually says “You’re Hot” and they replaced it with “We’re Late.”

FullSizeRender (4)

Something we have always wanted to do was see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Last time we were there we were too far away from it to see it. This time though, it worked out great that we had a day off in Paris!
So we got to go an see the Eiffel Tower and go up it!


Amsterdam was the last show of the tour. It was an AMAZING show to end on! Everyone was jumping, screaming the words, and just great energy in the crowd!

We are so happy all the new songs we performed on this tour went over well. By the end of the tour we would go to shows and they would know all the words to the songs and be screaming them loud! Which was so cool to hear!


Overall OUTSTANDING tour and INCREDIBLE fans ! We have the best fan base any band could ask for. We love our fans more than anything because they are what keeps us going. They are our backbone and the reason we do what we do! We love you!

Drew and The Tide x

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