Beanies, super powers and amazing vocals: A day in the life of The Tide

If there’s one thing we love at MP! it’s stalking. We just love a good old stalk so thank you to social media for making that so easy for us. When you combine our love for stalking with our borderline creepy obsession with up-and-coming LA-based boyband The Tide, we literally just lose our shit.

After metaphorically walking in The Tide’s shoes for a glorious 24 hours, we realised that we do not know the meaning of busy. Literally, they don’t half work these boybands hard. So we’re going to have to think twice before we moan about having no free time again.

It all kicked off with The Tide’s new single ‘Young Love’ being included in the ‘Future Hits of 2016’ Spotify playlist, along with the likes of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. This is major, major news.

Then some beanie love, because why not?

Swiftly followed by some wall loving because The Tide love walls. Fact.

Slowly it dawned on us just how dedicated The Tide’s fans are. Just look at this awesome drawing of Drew. You go Femke!

Drew is clearly someone who remembers that great power comes with great responsibility. Move along Peter Parker and Tony Stark. There’s a new superhero in town. The Drewanator has risen.

The lads are currently supporting The Vamps on tour (they’re also signed to the band’s label). Last night they performed in Glasgow. Just check out how amazing they are!

They also found time to fit in a meet and greet with the fans today. Don’t say we don’t get our money’s worth from the lads.

Phew. Don’t know about you guys but that’s one hell of a 24 hours.

Check out The Tide’s first EVER music video for ‘Young Love’ right here:

They’ve also done a soulful cover of Adele’s ‘Hello’. It’s an almost spiritual experience:

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