It’s a tidal wave of tears! We’re crying over the last ever MP! column from The Tide

Sad times… it’s the last column from our American amigos The Tide! The lads have been filling us in for the past six weeks on all their adventures and amazing experiences on tour with The Vamps. Here’s what they had to say this week…


So we are home now with families and enjoying our break before our next tour! It feels so good to be able to sleep our own beds and just relax.


This last tour we went on was INCREDIBLE! Definitely one for the books. Always a pleasure touring with The Vamps. We can’t wait to go on this next tour in South America with them!


It’s just like so weird to think we are traveling to all these amazing places and get to play these shows to beautiful fans. Just like a year ago we were all sitting in high school dreaming of a job like this. Now to step back and see where we have all travelled is just INSANE!

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We start off our first show in Peru and we are very excited. We are going to be playing venues where everyone is standing and for us those are some of the best shows because you can literally see and feel the energy from everyone cuz you are so close to them.

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Overall we are going to enjoy these next few days off and then back out on tour! Very excited to meet everyone. Can’t wait to see all our amazing fans! We love you!

The Tide xx

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