The Tide talk about Newcastle, FIFA and comfy beds in their latest MP! column

The Tide are going to be here every Friday for the next five weeks giving you exclusive inside goss from touring with The Vamps and other mischief. Here’s the second update, and make sure you check back every week for more Tide exclusives you won’t find anywhere else!

Greetings from Newcastle!

Just got off the stage from an amazing show! The crowd was INSANE! We are getting into the groove of playing all the new songs now, and they are going over so well. More and more of the fans are learning the lyrics to our songs, so when we perform them they are screaming the words along with us.


We have come to the agreement that the bus bunk beds are more
comfortable than half the hotel beds so we just sleep SO WELL when we get in our bunks. We are still after every show playing FIFA on the bus to our destinations, we get very into it and Austin is always narrating the whole game!


I think one of the coolest things about being on tour is literally
getting to meet all the fans you see on social media in person. We like to hear their stories on what they think of our music, how it’s helped them, and just seeing how we have affected their lives.

IMG_3477 (1)

We have been doing these meet and greets at several cities that we
have been going to, and there have been AMAZING turn outs! I remember we had one at the 02 arena in London and several thousand people showed up and it looked like a sea of people. It was like mind blowing to see that.



Overall tour has been incredible and each show is getting better than the last! Cannot wait to play more shows and see more of our lovely fans!


The Tide

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