“I’M NOT A NEVILLE!” The Tide talk romance, crazy moms and their new EP

We’re Tiders. It’s official.


But ya’ll knew that already, didn’t you? We’ve supported Levi, Nate, Austin and Drew ever since the beginning of their career when they were first signed to The Vamps’ record label. It’s been a long road but The Tide have finally released their debut EP ‘Click My Fingers’ today and we couldn’t be prouder.

Hey guys, did we ever tell you…


We caught up with the boys to celebrate…

How excited are you for the release of your debut EP?

Super excited! Especially because it was the number one preorder in multiple countries. It was fantastic fans did that for us.

So you do see this as your breakthrough moment?

Yeah we’re very excited. I think we should definitely stay on our toes and keep working hard. But we have amazing fans so that’s a blessing.

Tell us a bit about the EP. What was your inspiration for the songs? 

We included the single ‘Click My Fingers’ and an acoustic version. Also, there’s ‘What You Give’, which is a song that we’ve been doing on tour since the beginning. Then there’s two songs which are really near and dear to us called ‘Holding On to You’ and ‘The One You Want’.  But all the songs are about our personal life and the emotions we go through.

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Did you find it difficult to share your personal experiences?

That’s what we write all our songs about. Writing about personal experience is what makes good songs because people can relate to it. It makes other people think about their lives.

Could you tell us a funny story from the making of the video for ‘Click My Fingers’?

Austin: Well, there’s this scene which actually made it into the video. I’m pushing Levi around in a cart and I didn’t think through the whole process. I was running and I completely flipped him over and he fell out.

Levi: It really hurt!

Austin: We were having so much fun and we just crashed haha.

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If you could click your fingers and change one thing about the world what would it be? 

Austin: Oh man, so much.

Levi: Poverty.

Drew: Bullying.

Austin: World peace.

What’s the best and worst thing about being in a boyband?

Drew: The worst thing is being away from home. You miss home a lot. The best things is being on tour around the world and being able to see these fans who you interact with on Twitter and social media. We love to meet them face to face and to see that love and dedication they have towards us.

We saw you recently took one of our quizzes…

Drew: Yes I remember the one about “who is your Tide BF?’ I took it and I got myself so I was like “YES! It works”.

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Do you have any surprises for your upcoming London gigs?

Levi: I hope they surprise me with something because it’s my birthday on 21st, which is the first of our London shows.

Austin: Yeah we can’t say ’cause Levi’s here.

What’s your weirdest fan experience?

Drew: There was one show when we were walking out to our van and there was a mother who grabbed Levi’s shirt. She just threw herself at Levi and wouldn’t let go. She was trying to hold him back to take a picture, screaming “No. Don’t go!” and then she fell. It was really awkward. She was alright though luckily.

We kind of love her. We need to find her and congratulate her on being awesome.

Drew: That’s a good mom trying to get that picture though haha.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done? 

Drew: I once bought a girl a rock…


Lol just kidding.

Austin: I once surprised someone with Disneyland tickets.

Drew: I surprised someone with hot air balloon tickets.

Levi: I could’t see this girl because I wasn’t allowed so I used to sneak out at night and ride my bike 16 miles to her house. So I ended up riding over over 200 miles on a bike for this girl. Fought through a lot of bears…

Which Harry Potter character can you most relate to?

Levi: I feel like…

Austin: You’re a Neville, bro.

Levi: I’M NOT A NEVILLE! I wanna be Hagrid, dude. Just ’cause Hagrid’s a cool guy. He lives the life. I love Dobby too.

The world needs more Dobbys. Would you rather have a time turner or an invisibility cloak? 

Austin: Oh man, I feel like with a time turner you can mess so many things up.

Levi: Yeah I’d go invisibility cloak.

Which Disney animated character do you have the most in common with?

Austin: Simba!

Levi: Mike Wazowski. Or maybe that slug that’s always like ‘Miiiiiike Wazowski’. Actually I feel like mine’s Stitch. He’s so cool. Imagine him as a pet. He’d be the coolest little guy ever. There’d be no point cleaning the house ’cause it’ll always be a mess.

Would you survive a horror film?

All: YES!

That’s so confident. 

Drew: Yeah but if the movie was only us four then someone would have to die…

Looks around shiftily…

Levi: I wouldn’t die first, I’m sorry. I watch too many horror films and I logically think about what I would do. It’s like you hear this scary voice and then you grab this non-lethal weapon and go into the dark basement while it’s flooding and I can’t see cos I’m blind, right?

Yeeeeeaaaaah… we think we’d probably go first.

Levi: Well if you die first you don’t have to live through all the other people dying. It’s always a first quick death.

We are living the dream! Thanks so much for chatting to us guys.

The Tide are performing in London on 21 Nov at The Borderline, 23 Nov at The Garage and 24 Nov and Venue 2, 229 Club.

Their debut EP ‘Click My Fingers’ is out to stream, buy and download todaaaaaay! Just do it, alright?

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