How to: Know when your friendship isn’t just a friendship anymore

How are you supposed to know when your friendship changes into… something more? Love s a tricky game, especially when you’re trying to survive your dystopian reality, but you voted and we know there’s always time for romance.

Just like Noa in Sarah Govett’s ‘The Territory‘, we wish we knew when our best mate liked us because GAWD would that make our romantic life twelve times easier. Question is: how on earth are you supposed to tell?!

1. They’re probably spending an abnormal amount of time with you

You guys are best boos but if they LIKE like you then they’ve probably amped up their quality time game and are hanging around you like nobody’s business. Obviously you probably don’t care – they are your best friend after all – but if the only time you guys are apart is for bathroom breaks and sleeping this may be a big flashing warning signing.

2. And any time they’re around you they’ll use any excuse to make physical contact

Oh, what’s that? There’s an eyelash on your cheek, let me get it for you. Oh no – you look cold, let me just wrap you in my arms and hold you tenderly for a few seconds.

That’s right, laugh all you want, but you totes know this is a reality of anyone trying to climb their way out of the friendzone.

3. Do they pay you more compliments or do things they wouldn’t normally?

All best friends should shower you with compliments and love 24/7 but are they doing anything out of the ordinary they they wouldn’t ordinarily notice?

“What a nice shade of lipstick” Hm, maybe they’re preoccupied with your lips. Mull on that one.

4. Maybe ask someone else to assess the situation and see what they think

You’re both too involved to truly figure out if there’s some flirty flirty going on so you might as well ask someone else what they think. Preferably someone who knows you both well and knows what your BFF usually acts like around those they’re crushing on.


Talk about being awkward AF but, seriously, this is the only real way to know fo sure. Even your most trusted friend’s guidance is nothing compared to asking the actual person in question.

Don’t worry, if you completely missed the mark and they don’t actually like you like that you guys can laugh it off afterwards. Crisis averted.

Need more advice? If you haven’t already, maybe reading this will help.

Let us know down in the comments who your fave BFFs-to-lovers couples are!


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