The Sugababes split: So who’s going to be the new lineup?

Jade Ewen confirmed MP! suspicions that the Sugababes are doing a Taylor Swift and “Never Ever Getting Back Together”. She told DigitalSpy that she could never imagine returning to the recording studio with Heidi and Amelle- Does it mean that Heidi and Amelle are up for replacing in the Sugababes lineup or is it Jade that could be gone? Or does this mean the end of the Sugas? Will MKS carry the Sugababes torch from now on?

For your average pop band, the fact that all three members are doing solo projects and don’t plan on recording new stuff together would spell the end of the group- But this is Sugababes, a band that is greater than the sum of it’s parts and, like Miley Cyrus, it can’t stop!

We decided to have a ponder at some possible members for Sugababes 5.0:

Who would you like to see in the new Sugalineup? Write your suggestions in the comment box below.

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