The Saturdays Vs. A Sundae

It’s time for another Pop Star Vs. A Vegetable! Last week we brought you Little Mix Vs. Pick’n’Mix and this weeks Girl Group Vs. A Dessert is: The Saturdays Vs. A Sundae.


The Saturdays are made up of Vanessa, Frankie, Mollie, Una and Rochelle (didn’t you listen to Flo Rida?).

To make a Sundae, you need the key ingredient: Ice cream. You also need syrup, sauces (Chocolate sauce, not ketchup or mayonnaise), whipped cream, some form of topping and a cherry on top.

The Saturdays 1, Sundae 1


The Saturdays are quite possibly the prettiest girl band out there right now. They don’t even have the token ugly member. They are five sassy, stylish and sexy ladies.

Like The Saturdays, Sundae’s look so good they can make your mouth water.

The Saturdays 1, Sundae 1


The Sats are more popular than ever. Their single ‘What About Us’ scored the girlband their first ever number 1 and their latest musical outing ‘Gentleman’ is an absolute corker. Despite being one of the most loved pop groups in the UK, their US reality show ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ was recently cancelled. We are hoping for ITV2 to pick it up ASAP.

Icecream Sundaes are pretty much popular all over the world and for all ages.

The Saturdays 0, Sundae 1


With 3 out of the 5 Saturdays either a mother or pregnant, they are easily the most fertile group in pop history!

Don’t be silly! Ice cream can’t reproduce (that’s natural yoghurt you’re thinking of).

The Saturdays 1, Sundae 0 

Health Warning

Listening to a Sats record (if you actually own a record player) too fast can lead to the track sounding as if it is performed by Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

Eating an Icecream Sundae too fast can lead to the intense, excruciating pain that is brainfreeze.

The Saturdays 1, Sundae 0


The Saturdays music has really varied over the years. From the tearjerking ‘Issues’ or the dancefloor filler ‘All Fired Up’ to the rappy ‘Gentleman’ or reggae tinted ‘What About Us’. Even though the girls dabble in a variety of sounds, we can always rely on them to produce some Grade A pop (that’s pop… not plop).

The Sundae’s are one of the most versatile deserts around. You can change your syrup, topping, sauce or even the flavour of your ice cream. You can chose from a hot fudge sundae, a banana split, a knickerbocker glory, an american parfait or even a fresh fruit sundae. Picking between these is harder than deciding who our favourite One Direction member is!- It’s Zayn.

The Saturdays 1, Sundae 1


The Sats are a group of fiercely talented females. They can sing, style and dance their way through anything. Even when she was heavily pregnant, Rochelle was killing the choreography for ‘What About Us’.

Despite looking delicious and a great way to finish a meal, put a Sundae up on stage and it will freeze (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

The Saturdays 1, Sundae 0

Final score- The Saturdays 6, Sundae 4

The Saturdays have triumphed over this desert but we are going to leave the final decision up to you. Voting closes on Wednesday the 12th at 5pm.

RESULT:  You guys just can’t get enough of those Saturdays. The girls beat the desert with 63.64% of the vote.


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