What do we know about the new The Saturdays single ’30 Days’?

If there’s one thing any certified pop nut knows, it’s that every bad The Saturdays moment is followed by a good The Saturdays moment. After ‘If This Is Love’ came ‘Up’, After ‘Missing You’ came ‘Higher’, after they forget our Chrimbo card came this timeless performance. Following this formula we can confidently predict that the girls’ new single taken from album unknown is likely to be the greatest pop song of all time, coming as it does straight after their disastrously under-performing (read: flopped) album On Your Radar.

Apart from its guaranteed life-changing nature, what do we know of this song? Not a lot. But if you’re a fan of very vague details read on. According to this article we’ve copied it’s called ’30 Days’ and when questioned about it by Capital FM, Rochelle replied: “it’s great and you can expect it soon”. We’ve got more. Asked to describe it in one word the girls said “crazy” “amazing” and confusingly – seeing as it’s actually two words – “very pop”. Exciting times.

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