‘It was such an unusual way to write and present the story’ Rachel reviews Patrick Ness’ ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’.

If you’re looking for your next favourite read, then you may have just found it.

Patrick Ness, author of the award-winning ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy, never seems to stop. Having won every major award in children’s fiction there is, and being described as an “insanely beautiful writer” by none other than YA royalty John Green, there seems to be no slowing this lit powerhouse down.

MP!er Rachel applied through our You Review section & got a totally free copy of ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ in order for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought shall we?

RachelName: Rachel

Age: 24

Had you read any of Patrick Ness’s books before? If not, would you consider reading more of what he’s written? I’d previously read a lot of Patrick Ness’ books so I was very excited to read ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’. Luckily it didn’t disappoint at all!

What do you think of the title, ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’? It was the title that first got me really interested in reading this. It’s so intriguing to think about all the other people in the background of a big story. Not everyone is a hero but the story always reaches further than readers may recognise. It was also amusing to see the characters talking about people falling in love with vampires or “dying beautifully of cancer”, it seemed like very affectionate teasing of YA on the part of Patrick Ness.

The Rest Of UsThe format of the book is quite funny, in that there are 2 stories going on at the same time – the story of Satchel, and the main story: Mikey’s story. What were your thoughts on this? I loved the way Patrick Ness wrote ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’. It was such an unusual way to write and present the story, and I was always excited to come to the beginning of a new chapter and find out what was happening in the ‘other’ story.

Patrick Ness handles lots of big issues in his book, including sexuality and mental health. How do you think he dealt with them?I was really pleased to see sexuality and mental health dealt with in ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’, and I thought they were dealt with really well. Although they weren’t really the big focus of the story, they were written in in such a way that showed how these topics can affect anyone at any time, and it’s okay. I think this will reach out to a lot of readers.

Did you have a favourite character? If I had to pick just one, it would be Meredith! She was a very well written and believable character, and she always put a smile on my face.

Rate out of ten? 9/10

Order ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ on Amazon now.

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