Holly reviews Patrick Ness’s ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’ which deals with sexuality & mental health in a ‘sophisticated’ way.

If you’re looking for your next favourite read, then you may have just found it.

Patrick Ness, author of the award-winning ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy, never seems to stop. Having won every major award in children’s fiction there is, and being described as an “insanely beautiful writer” by none other than YA royalty John Green, there seems to be no slowing this lit powerhouse down.

MP!er Holly applied through our You Review section & got a totally free copy of ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ in order for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought shall we?

Name: Holly
Age: 16

Had you read any of Patrick Ness’s books before? If not, would you consider reading more of what he’s written? I haven’t read any Patrick Ness’s books before despite hearing a lot of great things about his writing but after reading ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ I would definitely consider reading more of his work as I adored his writing style in this book.

The Rest Of UsWhat do you think of the title, ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’? I think the title is interesting in the sense that it’s how Mikey looks at life, he doesn’t see himself as leading an interesting life and seems to think that he just lives in the world but doesn’t do anything exciting or seen as heroic.

The format of the book is quite funny, in that there are 2 stories going on at the same time – the story of Satchel, and the main story: Mikey’s story. What were your thoughts on this? I loved the contrast of each chapter on how there were the two different stories happening at once, Satchel’s story seemed like a stereotypical heroic story where as Mikey seems to be living a typical life. The thing which I liked is that both characters are the protagonists of separate stories for example Mikey is the protagonist of his own story despite Satchel being portrayed as the stereotypical hero.

Patrick Ness handles lots of big issues in his book, including sexuality and mental health. How do you think he dealt with them? The book deals with issues such as sexuality and mental health; I think this was done in a sophisticated way but yet not made to see as abnormal which I really liked as they are everyday things, people’s sexuality shouldn’t be seen as different because it’s perfectly normal and mental health is a common thing that affects a lot of people. By talking about these things it makes more people aware, understand and accept.

Did you have a favourite character? I didn’t really have a favourite character, I liked a lot of characters and disliked a few others at certain points in the book my liking and disliking towards a character would change based on little things they would do and depend on if I agree or disagree.

Rate out of ten? I would rate ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’ 9/10!

Order ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ on Amazon now.

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