‘I laughed out loud’ MP!er Hollie reviews Patrick Ness’s ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’.

If you’re looking for your next favourite read, then you may have just found it.

Patrick Ness, author of the award-winning ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy, never seems to stop. Having won every major award in children’s fiction there is, and being described as an “insanely beautiful writer” by none other than YA royalty John Green, there seems to be no slowing this lit powerhouse down.

MP!er Hollie applied through our You Review section & got a totally free copy of ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ in order for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought shall we?

HollieName: Hollie

Age: 17

Had you read any of Patrick Ness’s books before? If not, would you consider reading more of what he’s written? I’d read the ‘Chaos Walking Trilogy’, ‘More Than This’ and ‘A Monster Calls’, all of which I loved! I know he’s written some adult books as well, and I really want to get into those some day.

What do you think of the title, ‘The Rest Of Us Just Live Here’? I laughed out loud when I first heard it! I think it perfectly fits the idea that in these YA novels that can sometimes be dramatic, pretentious and just unrealistic, there are those poor kids who just want to get through high school without the building being blown up – already it’s a normal teenager’s voice.

The format of the book is quite funny, in that there are 2 stories going on at the same time – the story of Satchel, and the main story: Mikey’s story. What were your thoughts on this? I didn’t really pay a lot of attention to Satchel’s story, because they were a bit too far apart to really keep track of for me. I think it did fulfil its role though, in that it reminded you Mikey’s life was just a backdrop to this chaos that is normally the focus of YA books. I loved that Mikey’s story had a lot of depth to it, and the little mentions of the vampire epidemic and the huge surge of kids dying of cancer were really funny references!

Patrick Ness handles lots of big issues in his book, including sexuality and mental health. How do you think he dealt with them? I was really happy that he included these topics, because he showed that they exist. I think he wrote about mental illness in a really respectable way, and didn’t perpetuate any of the many negative stereotypes people have about people who have mental illnesses. I also liked how he showed that someone’s sexuality or mental health isn’t their defining feature – for example Jared isn’t ‘the gay character’, he’s just a character who happens to be gay, like people are in the real world. Every one deserves to have a character they can identify with in books, and Patrick Ness always manages to provide that.

Did you have a favourite character? Meredith! She was hilarious, and often reminded me of my own little sister. She brought quite a bit of humour into what might have been quite a dark book without it.

Rating out of 10? 9.5

Pre-order ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’ on Amazon now.

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