Cryptic text messages and avoiding autocorrect fails? Cassie from Kimberly McCreight’s ‘The Outliers’ makes it look so easy

Kimberly McCreight’s YA debut, ‘The Outliers’ is a fast paced, tricksy thriller. And much of the action is motivated by cryptic, desperate pleas for help via text message.

giphy (74)

We wondered what a message might look like between other literary characters if they could text while in dire straights or difficult situations. One thing’s for sure; they’re not as slick, nor as mysterious…

For instance, here’s Hermione in her natural state- exasperated with a Weasley:

harry potter txt

Or how about Lydia from ‘Pride and Prejudice’, sending word to one of her sisters:


And this, when Alice needs some advice:


The Caterpillar isn’t the only dude dodging with the same excuse. Romeo, the original love rat:


Bran hoping that Season 6 finally shines some light on the mystery that is Hodor, hopefully saving him from more of these convos:


Those Hobbits could have done with a smartphone.


And finally, even though Ron’s romance with Lavender was fleeting… we think Harry would have tried to have been inclusive. Even if his phone had other ideas:


Funny, but much less efficient than the text messages exchanged in ‘The Outliers’.

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