FUTURE NOW! We’ve discovered 5 apps that could be the next Snapchat

Are you sitting down properly?


Well too bad because we’re about to bring you a whole lotta future realness right this second and you will be totally floored.

So you know how Snapchat rocks, right? Well, we’ve discovered some new apps that we think are pretty awesome too and watch out before you diss because you can’t take it back when you’re obsessed with them in 6 months time. FACT!

Yik Yak

‘One herd. One love’ – who can resist a mantra like that? This app started at just one weeny uni campus in the US and now is used at over 2,000! It’s set to take over the world as well so get on it now. It’s a location service so you can share the latest Justin Bieber news and get to know the people who are around you. All the hot frat bros are using it.

Also, who doesn’t love a good yak?



Some serious nextlevelism right here. Aside from sounding like the worst way to consume vegetables, Rawr is a brand new way of chatting to your friends using cool avatars. You can design your little dude, editing everything from your clothes to your hair to your choice in Snapback. You use hashtags and emojis to animate your avatar and interact with other people’s. Innit awesome!?



Yeah we know what you’re thinking – wasn’t that a social media site we used to use before FB took over the world? Well yeah but now it’s better and weirder than ever. It’s similar to Rawr in that you use avatars and control them through hashtags etc. but the design is completely different so it’s a matter of personal taste which one you choose.



If you think you’d miss the video element of Snapchat, then Vidback is definitely the one. You can send short messages to your friends and their reaction is recorded so you get to see the horror on their face when they realise you’re holding their dog hostage. They then have five seconds to decide whether they want to reply and save the pup. OK this was just an example, the videos probably won’t be that bonkers (only if you want them to be 😈…)



Kik is all. Kik is everything. It’s like whatsapp in that you can instant message people, but the difference is it is completely anonymous if you want. You don’t have to enter a phone no to use it and you can’t be located. It’s already used by 240 millions of peeps and around 40% of all the cool dudes in the US. You’ll definitely get a kik out of it! unnamed

Think one of these could be the next Whatsapp or Snapchat? Let us know your fave using the comments box below.

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