7 ways to get inspired like Amber from ‘The Moonlight Dreamers’

Siobhan Curham’s new book, ‘The Moonlight Dreamers’ follows Amber, et al, who are inspired, very much so, by Oscar Wilde. And it’s kinda infectious. So, here’s some ways that you can tap into your inspirational juices.

juice1. Read a book.


Duh! Sure, that’s obvious. But it’s one of the best ways to get inspired. And not just the Classics. No, no. Anything. Oscar Wilde is a GREAT choice, but not the only one. Living through a character and experiencing how they achieved they goals can rub off on you.

2. Walk.


Whoa. Ok. Crazy concept. But just by going for a walk you get your brain and body all jazzed with good stuff. And that good stuff can lead to some serious inspiration. It also gets you pumped and ready to take on the world. #alittlebitofexerciseneverhurtnobody

3. Listen to some new music.


That’s right. Give your well-loved faves a rest for an afternoon and discover something new. Listen hard to the lyrics. Feel the beat. And let it take you somewhere new.

4. Turn off your devices.

social media

Hey! Not yet! Finish reading this first. But when you “go dark” for a little while it lets your brain focus on something else. And stops it worrying about updates and notifications for a spell. You might be surprised what you can get done while you’re phone is out of the picture.

5. Don’t force it.


Trying too hard to find it, to have that ‘a-ha’ idea, that sparkly, zingy moment of magic, will never work.

6. Free-write.


Regardless of what you’re seeking inspiration for, if you sit down and just write it can make a big difference. Write anything, without stopping, without really thinking about it. No editing. Aaaaand, GO!

7. Other stuff.


Art. Films. People watching. Travelling. Trying new things. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere that you’ll let it. Have fun, don’t think too hard, and just live, dudes.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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