The Mend: The Interview

We told you about how we got to see Britain’s Got Talent graduates The Mend at This Must Be Pop Live last Tuesday. We even gave some lucky readers the chance to come along too. But Wednesday afternoon, with everyone having woken up feeling a little like P-Diddy, we met the boys again, this time in a pub in Clerkenwell. As ever, the questions were hard-hitting, we pulled no punches, we had the boys against the ropes. And we found out that curls do definitely get girls.

LUKE: The Mend are here!
THE MEND: [woops and hollering (and maybe a braap)]
LUKE: So I’ve been trying to work out whether you are a boyband or whether you might be a man band. Both good things. I’ve come up with a test to find out where you are on the boyband/manband scale. So we’ll do that and then we’ll know.
So. QUESTION 1 – JAY – Are you a boyband?
JAY: I’m gonna say yes, maybe, I’m gonna roll with that.
Do you mostly sing songs about love and romance or mental nights out? #lads4eva
DEAN: Do you know what, we’ve written so many songs about the most randomest things ever. We’ll write a song about anything if you like
Have you got chest hair?
CRAIG: Nooo. Smoooth as a baby’s bottom.
LUKE: Boyband point there. Get your veet out for the lads.
What was the name of the last girl you…..complimented on her personality?
KRIS: Sarah!..No! Georgina
LUKE: Good man points there, didn’t remember.
Back to you Jay. Do you enjoy casual nakedness?
JAY: Depends which gender.
LUKE: Fair question – female.
JAY: (Intense Northern accent) Oh Ayeeeeee
Have you ever cried about your hair? Quite a boyband thing to do that.
DEAN: Erm nah I’ve never really cried about my hair.
LUKE: Man points in the bag there. Well done you Dean.
DEAN: What’s the score so far?
LUKE: Wait until the end Dean.
What’s the best interview you’ve ever had on a Wednesday afternoon in a pub in London?
CRAIG: It’s got to be this one right now
[More hollering, some applauding etc]
LUKE: Correct answer.
Please answer the following question with a facial expression only:
How good is your new single ‘Where Were You’ on a scale of:
[I’ve just made a pleasant beans on toast for Sunday lunch]
[OMG! The Mend’s music is so beautiful it’s just saved the Pandas from extinction]
KRIS: (Imagine) [OMG! The Mend’s music is so beautiful it’s just saved the Pandas from extinction]
JAY: That’s about right that.
LUKE: Correct it is an awesome, excellent catchy single.
When was the last time you went to the gym to do some bicep curls?
JAY: 3 days ago.. we’ve been working.. haven’t really had time to go to the gym
LUKE: This is smelly boyband chat!
JAY: As soon as we get home, I’m on it..
LUKE: too little too late Jay, boyband points.
For a bonus point though. True of False. Curls get girls?
JAY: True.
LUKE: Absolutely, recovered a man point there, good work.
Have you ever put up a shelf?
DEAN: Yeh loads, put up quite a few shelves in my time.
LUKE: YES! Massive manband points
LAST QUESTION – (although there were supposed to be twelve, but clearly we misssed one out) 11 – CRAIG
Lads lads lads. Discuss.
CRAIG: Mmm lads lads lads discuss. Is that a question?
LUKE: Not really, you tell me Craig.
CRAIG: a boy’s gotta do, what a boy’s gotta do
JAY: What does that mean!?
LUKE: Nobody knows what’s gone on here.
Right, I’m gonna top up the scores, do you want to tell us about your brand new single Where Were You.
KRIS: Our brand new single is out on 24th March and it’s called Where Were You
DEAN: Where were you?
KRIS: Where were you?
JAY: Where were who?
LUKE: Exactly. Final scores are in and it turns out……
You’re a band!!
THE MEND: Whayyyy
LUKE: A really really good band though with awesome catchy songs and really fun to watch live. Go check them out!
THE MEND: Clips and whoops and hollas.

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen. The Mend ARE a band. So next time someone asks you, you can look them in the face and declare loudly “THE MEND ARE A BAND. THEY ARE A BAND THAT I LIKE.” Of course, you’ve already bought their single ‘Where Were You?’ but if you haven’t, here’s the video to convince you that maybe you should…

If you have ears that work then obviously you really enjoyed that. To be honest, they’re not bad to look at either are they so even if your ears don’t work you probably enjoyed it too? Go and buy their single now.

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