This Must Be Pop Live Feat. The Mend, Jinjin & The Ragdolls & Chasing Grace.


What would you do if you got tickets to see three new pop acts perform? Well you’d bloody go, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what we did when we were invited to This Must Be Pop Live at the Queen of Hoxton. And what a poptastic night it was!
First up was Chasing Grace, a superb folk pop duo, who’s stunning vocals really work with a live set. They performed some original songs mixed with covers and were a great start to the night.
Next up was Jinjin and the Ragdolls- think Nicki Minaj mixed with the Pussycat Dolls with some dub step thrown in for good measure. These were some high energy performances that really got the crowd on their feet. It was their third song ‘Switch it up’ that really grabbed our attention, delivering some sweet pop verses before diving into heavy beats and dance rhythms, something we believe would be right at home in the charts. Watch out Nicki!

Finally, the Mend took to the stage- Ahhhhhhhhh- Sorry we couldn’t contain ourselves. We can confirm one thing, these guys can sing. They performed some of their favorite tracks from Britain’s Got Talent and some new tunes including a granny-unfriendly version of ‘Where Were You’ complete with ‘F’ bombs. The Mend stuck around after their set and mingled with the crowd while the DJ blasted some awesome pop that was (to quote Cheryl Cole) “right up our street”. We got to meet up and chat with the rowdy bunch of lads yesterday after the show and the interview will be on MPTV! very soon.


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