5 questions every Disney fan is asking themselves after this ‘The Lion King’ news

No matter how old we get, we know we will always be completely head over heels in love with every Disney film in existence, both new and old. But, when it comes to animal animated films, we’ve always had the biggest soft spot for ‘The Lion King’. Isn’t it everyone’s fave, tbh?


And now the news that it’ll be an addition to Disney’s long list of proposed live action films has us filled to the brim with excitement and nostalgia. We love ‘The Lion King’ and this is one film we’re going to struggle to be patient for.

Obvs, though, we have a lot of questions. And whilst there are some we already have answers to, there are others that we imagine we’ll be left clueless about for some time. After all, it’s still pretty early days.

Who’s directing it?

2016’s ‘The Jungle Book‘ director, Jon Favreau is taking on the monumental task of bringing our ultimate Disney fave to life. Tbh, we couldn’t be more buzzing. The live action ‘Jungle Book’ was a huge box office success and, ngl, we actually loved it more than the original.

Who will voice our beloved characters?

Well, we’re not sure on this one yet. But with a star-studded cast for Favreau’s previous Disney reinvention, we know there is going to be some insane talent involved.

Will Disney take up the opportunity to be representative of the African people?

This is actually something we think is hugely important and would be a big deal for Disney to do. They’ve given us our first black princess in the form of ‘The Princess and the Frog’s’ Tiana, and we’ll be seeing Moana, main character in the film of the same name, voiced by a Hawaiian Native this November. So we reckon, considering ‘The Lion King’ is set in Africa,  some African actors should be involved in the voicing of Simba and co. Representation is so important and Disney has been a huge advocate for it, after all.

How heavy a role will the original songs by Elton John play?

We saw the ‘Bare Necessities’ and ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ woven into the live action movie of ‘The Jungle Book’, but they weren’t included in quite the same way as the original. So we have to wonder whether Elton John’s ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ and our absolute jam ‘Hakuna Matata’ will find its way incorporated into the film’s score or if there’ll be a big song and dance. Either way — exciting!

When will it be released?

Again, it’s still early days so there’s no indication as to when the film will be hitting cinemas. However, it has reportedly been fast-tracked towards production and we have ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ on 17th March 2017 to look forward to first, anyway.

Omfg, we are honestly so so excited. This news may be better than actual Christmas Day.

Are you looking forward to the live action ‘The Lion King’? Who would you like to see voicing our fave characters? Comment below!

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